The INIMA Report 2024

A market survey by the International Network of Interim Manager Associations (INIMA)

European interim managers were highly active in 2023, continuing the saturation from the previous year with a stable high utilization (+69%) and a rise in the average day rate (+50€/999€). Providers across various European countries have also indicated a shortage of available interim managers.  Despite the busy market, the survey predicted a negative trend in business conditions in 2024.  The top five (5) actions foreseen  to beat the trend were:

  1. Project Acquisition and Marketing: Acquiring mandates and improving marketing efforts to increase visibility and generate mandates.

  2. Digitalization and AI Application: Building knowledge and experience in digital tools, AI, big data, and leveraging technologies like ChatGPT for optimizing processes.

  3. Work-Life Balance: Balancing workload, health, and managing stress to ensure a healthy work-life balance for IM professionals.

  4. Crisis & Risk Management: Handling economic volatility, managing risks, and addressing supply chain challenges while providing effective crisis management solutions.

  5. Professional Development and Networking: Continuous learning, building knowledge management systems, expanding networks, and staying updated with industry trends such as AI and digitalization

INIMA aims to be an International Network of Interim Manager Associations as a non-profit organization whose partners share common principles, values and a code of conduct. INIMA supports cross border collaboration to advance the Interim Management profession and facilitate the exchange of knowledge between the members of the INIMA partner associations. INIMA shall encourage communication, and share experiences, best practices and competencies.