The 2022 German Interim Management Market Survey Report

A market survey by DDIM e.V. in collaboration with the International Network of Interim Manager Associations (INIMA)

The survey was carried out in January 2022. It was restricted to DDIM Interim Managers. 206 managers responded from a total membership of 560, which is a typical response rate for a survey of this type.

  • The Interim Management Market will grow beyond 2.5 Bn. Euro in 2022.
  • 12.000 Interim Managers will be ready for their clients‘ challenges at the end of 2022.
  • Day rates exhibit a positive trend and reflect the high quality level of Interim Managers.
  • Utilisation of Interim Managers will grow beyond 90% in 2022.

INIMA aims to be an International Network of Interim Manager Associations as a non-profit organization whose partners share common principles, values and a code of conduct. INIMA supports cross border collaboration to advance the Interim Management profession and facilitate the exchange of knowledge between the members of the INIMA partner associations. INIMA shall encourage communication, and share experiences, best practices and competencies.