Welcome to the German Interim Management Association, DDIM e.V.

About DDIM e.V.

DDIM, Dachgesellschaft Deutsches Interim Management e.V., is the leading association for professional Interim Management in Germany.

The Interim Management association is dedicated to increasing public awareness and demand for Interim Management services. In order to accomplish this, DDIM defines professional standards, promotes quality assurance and supports knowledge transfer of its members. As a result, DDIM membership is a demonstration of quality and competence in Interim Management.

DDIM is a non-profit organization that represents the legitimate interests of its members independently and in a non-partisan way. DDIM is the reference point for all matters regarding Interim Management in Germany to stakeholders in business, economics, politics and the general public.


DDIM is a founding member of INIMA, International Network of Interim Management Associations.


INIMA Mission

INIMA aims to be an International Network of Interim Manager Associations as a “non-profit organization” whose partners share common principles, values and a code of conduct.  INIMA supports cross border collaboration to advance the Interim Management profession and facilitate the exchange of knowledge between the members of the INIMA partner associations.

INIMA shall encourage communication, and share experiences, best practices and competencies.

For more information visit the INIMA website at www.inima.management.

DDIM Interim Management Market Survey 2021

Learn more about the German Interim Management Market from our annual member survey conducted in January 2021.